This half day tour is a perfect introduction to the English legal system. Explore the tranquility of the Inns of Court, one of London’s most beautiful spots and home of the legal profession since the 15th century. How are the Inns so closely connected to the colonisation of and ultimate independence on the United States of America? Discover how Magna Carta 1215 is the foundation of the Rule of Law, Liberty and Human Rights. What are the legal implications of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union? Our commentary focuses on both the history of the area and the legal system and profession as it is today. We can include a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice.


On a walk through the charming back streets of Westminster we explore the development of the British Constitution and its evolution from autocracy to liberal democracy and the rule of law. We conclude with a visit to the Supreme Court for those who wish to see the highest court of the land in action. This tour focuses on the evolution of our Constitution in to today’s Parliamentary democracy as well as how Parliament works today. The political landscape is ever changing and commentary will cover the latest political issues.


Observing the courts in action is an excellent way of gaining an understanding of the legal system. Every criminal case from murder, rape, robbery and terrorist offences to criminal damage and drink driving starts in the Magistrates Court. More serious matters move to the Crown Court for trial by jury. Conviction and sentence can then be appealed to the Criminal Court of Appeal and ultimately the Supreme Court. Civil cases such as contractual disputes, negligence and judicial review of government ministerial decisions are heard in civil courts sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice.

We provide escorted visits the courts of your choice. A lawyer will be on hand to provide an introductory talk, explain proceedings and answer questions. We can visit one court in a half day or two or three courts over a full day.


“To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice”, words that resonate down the centuries enshrining the principle of the rule of law.

Visit the beautiful meadow of Runnymede where Magna Carta was negotiated and sealed, a landscape preserved by the National Trust where we will see the American Bar Association’s memorial to the “greatest constitutional document of all time”, the memorial to John F Kennedy and the “The Jurors”, an artwork unveiled on the 800th anniversary in 2015. Commentary will focus on the impact of Magna Carta on constitutional developments in this country and throughout the world and the enduring legacy of the document in to the 21st century. The tour can be extended to a full day to include a visit to the beautiful city of Salisbury to see the best preserved original copy of Magna Carta. Alternatively the tour can be combined with a visit to Windsor Castle, a short distance away.


We combine the Heart of Legal London and Legal Westminster and the British Constitution tours in to a full day tour to provide a full overview of the legal system historically and as it functions today. We explore the tranquility of the Inns of Court, take a short walk alongside the Houses of Parliament covering the legislative process and also visit both the Royal Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court.
“Dining” in your Inn of Court is part of the training to be a barrister, a specialist court advocate and we can include a chance to take lunch in the historic dining hall of either Middle Temple or Inner Temple.


Whipping, mutilation, branding and beheading…and that was for the lucky ones! After centuries of draconian punishment the 19th century finally ushered in an era of penal reform and the gradual movement from retribution to rehabilitative sentencing and the eventual abolition of the death penalty in the late 20th century.
On a full day exploration on foot we wander the Inns of Court, the Royal Courts of Justice and the vicinity of the Old Bailey with a general legal commentary, but concentrating on the theme of crime and punishment from trial by ordeal to the Criminal Justice Act 2003 and Sentencing Guidelines, the current framework for the sentencing of offenders. The tour is designed to be both fun and informative covering both the history of criminal justice and the system as it works in the 21st century. We include a visit to the public galleries of the Old Bailey to watch trial by jury with an expert on hand to explain proceedings and answer questions.